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June Wildlife Babies Shoot

For several years now I have conducted a wildlife babies shoot in Minnesota. We have created several outstanding images over the years and this years trip was magical as well.

Coyote Pups, Minnesota

The weather was great for the first two days so we were able to work ahead a bit since the forecast was calling for rain on our third and final day of this trip. The image below was created around noon after a cloudy/rainy morning. The light finally improved to cloudy bright so we went to work. After this session it got dark and rained some more so we went to lunch, sat through another downpour, and waited it out while playing with a 6-month old black bear cub. We only had one more species left to photograph and about 7:30pm it appeared the clouds were leaving. We quickly went to work and created several great images of a pair of coyote pups (above) in the last hour of light for the day.

Mountain Lion, Minnesota

The image of the white-tailed deer fawn below was created earlier that morning and we used the soft overcast conditions to our advantage. With good technique and shooting when the fawn held still we were able to create tack sharp images without the distracting highlights in the forest that would have been present on a sunny day.

White-Tailed Deer Fawn, Minnesota

The first two days of the shoot we had plenty of sun and were able to do most of our work on both ends of the day. Here is a red fox with two of her young she had with her. We were able to capture their reflections as they went down to the edge for a quick drink of water. We were also able to photograph this adult fox with a batch of younger kits in and around a den site. If any of the youngsters strayed too far from the den she would go pick them up with her mouth and carrying them back to the den, of course we were firing away the whole time.

Red Fox, Minnesota

During this trip we photographed, adult black bear with two yearling cubs (two different locations), adult and baby wolves, white-tailed deer fawn (three different locations), adult beaver, adult and baby mink, red fox (two different locations), adult and baby mountain lion, adult snarling mountain lion, baby raccoons (two different locations), adult and baby skunk, and baby coyotes. Everyone had a great time and we had plenty of wonderful photo opportunities.

Raccoon, Minnesota

After doing this trip in Minnesota for several years I will be moving this trip to Montana starting in June of 2005 - taking registrations NOW. The cost of this trip has gone up a bit and so will the opportunities. Many of my clients are looking forward to working these animals in their natural western habitat including sagebrush, forest, mountains, rivers and fields of wildflowers during this time.

In addition to the babies we will have a photo session with an adult grizzly bear in its natural habitat. This grizzly has been trained to perform specific behavior on command and would normally cost $500/hour to photograph, however, it is included as a part of this photo adventure at no additional cost to you.

We will also add a day to this trip making it four days in the field instead of just three days which makes it easier to work around the weather. Plus, all ground transportation is now included in the trip so you will be picked up, and dropped off, at the airport and all ground transportation, your private hotel room, and meals are included.