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Specials From Qube Visual - Apr/May/June 2004

I have all my slide film processed and mounted by Pledger at Qube Visual. Pledger asked me to extend the following list of specials to readers of The Wild Side.

NOTE: I have not shopped around to see if these are the cheapest prices on the planet. If you have any questions or issues please take them up with Pledger. I'm simply passing this information along in case you are interested.

Qube Visual is located in Denver, Colorado and is a full service lab. They offer traditional services such as film processing, color prints, B&W prints, mounting & laminating, copywork & dupes. They also offer digital services such as digital prints, image scanning, digital darkroom, inkjet printing, digital proof & package printing.

If you would like to take advantage of any of the specials listed contact Pledger at 1-303-605-6122 or e-mail him at Pledger@qubevisual.com

Only ask for Pledger when placing orders or sending film. Mention you receive the Rick Hobbs newsletter to get the special prices.

Slide Processing - On-going SPECIAL

E-6 slides processed and mounted - $6.33 a roll - 36 exp. (NO CHARGE for push processing and FREE return shipping on orders over $125 - 20 rolls)

11x14 Print(s)

April/May/June - SPECIAL

11x14 print(s) from 35mm slide, negative or disk for $9.99!!! No limit!!!

This is a machine printer that produces a 400dpi digital print. This is our latest piece of equipment and the resulting prints look FANTASTIC!!

If sending a disk, Photographers should set-up their files at 400dpi, contact Pledger for additional specs.

This is a special ONLY for people that get The Wild Side newsletter and they need to ask for the Rick Hobbs Special.

Visit their website for other services at www.qubevisual.com

Ask for Pledger when placing orders.