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Specials From Hunt's - July 2003

I purchase my film, ink cartidges, and many other pieces of equipment or accessories from Gary Farber at Hunt's. Gary asked me to extend the following list of specials to readers of The Wild Side.

NOTE: I have not shopped around to see if these are the cheapest prices on the planet. If you have any questions or issues please take them up with Gary. I'm simply passing this information along in case you are interested.

If you would like to take advantage of any of the specials listed contact Gary Farber at 1-800-221-1830 ext 2332 or e-mail him at filmguygary@aol.com

Only ask for Gary Farber when placing orders. Mention you receive the Rick Hobbs newsletter to get the prices.

Canon 10D - $1,499.99 (FREE Shipping)

Nikon LS4000 scanner - $1,149.99

Kodak E100VS 36exp. Import $5.39 a roll
Kodak E100VS 36exp. USA $5.99 a roll
Kodak E100G-GX 36exp. (20 Pack) $120.00

Velvia 100 36exp. (20 Pack) $120.00 scheduled to ship in mid-July or so (FREE Shipping)
Velvia 50 36exp. (short dated 7/03) $2.49 a roll

Fuji mailers $3.79

Epson 2200 inks $9.75

Epson paper buy online www.wbhunt.com

Clear topload file slide pages - 100 sheets - $14.99

Visit our website for more details www.wbhunt.com

Ask for Gary Farber when placing orders.