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George Lepp - May 3 & 4, 2003


George Lepp is coming to the Minneapolis Convention Center on May 3rd & 4th, 2003 and will be presenting two very educational and entertaining seminars.



"Optimizing the Possibilities" and "The Digital Desktop Darkroom"

For 2003 I am pleased to announce I will be bringing George Lepp to the Minneapolis Convention Center on May 3-4, 2003, please mark your calendars for this exciting event.

On Saturday, May 3rd, George will discuss how to capture great images in the field. Optimize the Possibilities gives creative and technical information that will show beginners what is possible and will add many new techniques for the advanced photographer. Macro, wildlife, and landscape photography are addressed in the program.

Saturday will include primary concepts, close-up/macro, wildlife, and landscape photography. The presentations are by George Lepp, using the latest digital technology with a high-resolution LCD projector.

You'll Discover:

Multiple-focus-zone technique

Ways to show motion using high-speed multiple exposures, long exposures, and electronic flash

Wide-angle macro for a new perspective

The use of filters to build an exceptional landscape when the film itself can't give you what you see

And much, much more

On Sunday, May 4th, George will share his vast knowledge of what you can do with your images in the digital darkroom. The Desktop Digital Darkroom addresses the possibilities in using the computer to improve traditional photography. We have many examples from inkjet printers and demonstrations of software programs that make digital photography easy and fun. The cost of the digital darkroom has come down to the point that it is competitive with a wet darkroom and at least as much fun, while offering more creative control.

Sunday will cover information on the latest in computer and imaging equipment; getting the image into the computer; what you can do with it there, and what to do with the final results. The presentations are by George Lepp, using the latest digital technology with a high-resolution LCD projector that allows animation, video, and comparative images.

You'll Discover:

The advantages of PhotoCD and new low-cost desktop scanners

What to look for in an imaging program

Programs that do what you want, don't cost a fortune, and are easy to use

Displayed examples from the latest desktop printers and digital print services and prints from files sent over the Internet

Examples of how technology has advanced to where the best printing process in the world is now from digital files

And much, much more

Also, Canon and Epson will have products displayed and representatives available at this seminar and it is possible that Kodak, Bogen, Lowepro and Outdoor Photographer will be present as well.

No matter what your level of expertise or your brand of camera equipment, you will optimize your possibilities by attending a George Lepp Seminar!

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