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Capturing Wildlife Behavior

I certainly enjoy looking at wildlife portraits and images that show wildlife in their environment, however, my most favorite images are the ones that show dynamic action or capture wildlife behavior.

Grizzly Bear

The best way to capture a variety of wildlife behavior is to spend time with your subject. Quite often the more time spent observing and working the subject the more opportunities you will get.

Grizzly Bear

Another important aspect is understanding the subjects behaviors and looking for keys to let you know to be ready to shoot. These indicators of something about to happen vary among the different species so the more you understand about the subject the better the odds of being ready and anticipating a possible opportunity.

Grizzly Bear

Some times you can catch a magical moment such as the adult grizzly giving the cub a hug as in the image below.

Grizzly Bears

When you are given an opportunity just keep shooting because you never know for sure what might happen next and when shooting action you need a lot of frames so you have choices when editing. When you have multiple images of an event some will always be a little better than others so you want as many choices as possible.

Grizzly Cubs play fighting

Occasionally you will get an opportunity to catch an expression that is humorous or one that you can put a human feeling or emotion too.

The Grizzly Cub above is giving me the look of Oh-my, your giving me a headache, are we done yet?