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Southeast Alaska

At the end of August - beginning of September - I was with a group of photographers in Southeast Alaska. We were on a boat for 10 days and traveled around the area looking for wildlife and magnifcient scenery.

Humpback whale diving

We were able to see and photograph many different humpback whales exhibiting a variety of behavior under multiple lighting conditions. To see several of the humpback whale images please look at the Humpback Whales pages of the Gallery section on my website at www.rickhobbs.com.

Village in the Anan Creek Area

Along the way we stopped at a few local villages on the trip. This is a village near Anan Creek. Anan Creek is a good area to photograph black bear feeding on salmon in the creek. This image was made during low tide.

Rainbow going into the water

The weather in Southeast Alaska can frequently be cloudy and wet, however, we had sunny days as well. While still sprinkling out, we scrambled for our cameras as this beautiful rainbow seems to pour right into the water. A polarizer helped to increase the colors in the rainbow.

Salmon swimming in stream

Salmon like the one above, are an essential component in the life cycle of Southeast Alaska. Thousands of salmon are consumed in streams like this by the bears. The bears in turn fertilize the forests and so on. At Pack Creek, the brown bear below is about to have his breakfast - fresh salmon.

Brown Bear with salmon

The image below is taken at a Stellar Sea Lion colony - this is only a small part of the entire scene. Like most of the things in this area it is only accessible by boat. Since most of your photography is done from the deck of the boat good technique is essential and keeping the horizon line relatively straight is a full time concern as you rock back and forth.

Stellar Sea Lions

As we traveled, we always kept an eye out for bald eagles such as the one in the tree below. I brought a bag that could hold my 400 f/2.8L, a 70 - 200 f/2.8L, and a 28-70 f/2.8L, two camera bodies, 1.4x & 2x teleconverters, thus giving me complete coverage from 28-400mm plus 560mm & 800mm using the converters. The bag was quite heavy thought and unfortunately made the hikes more about surviving than fun.

Bald Eagle

When we came near a village we would begin to see fishing boats headed out for the day. In addition to the frame filling shots of the fishing boat, I also shoot images like the one below that will give the viewer a sense of the place as well.

Fishing Boat

Then again, you may see luxury boats like the one below complete with it's own helicopter on the upper deck.

Luxury boat with it's own helicopter on the upper deck

We were able to create a variety of images during the 10-day trip and if you would like to see more of them please look at the Gallery Section of my website at www.rickhobbs.com and click on Southeast Alaska.