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Website Updates - Sept. 2002

1) The photographs have been changed on the following pages: Home, Biography, Gallery, Events, Print Info, Stock Info, Viewing Page, Mailing List and Contact Us.

2) The Events page has information about a George Lepp Seminar coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Also, the Workshops and Photo Tours scheduled for 2002-2003 have been updated.

3) The Photo Tips section has been updated. The tip on tripods has been updated (text and photos added) and the tip on photographing birds in flight, is new.

4) There is a new section called The Wild Side, there is a navigation button on the left side of the page. This area will contain all archived issues of The Wild Side, a quarterly newsletter and field report.

5) The Print Info page has changed. The print sizes and cost have changed significantly.

6) I will begin updating the Gallery images soon and hope to report progress on this the next issue of The Wild Side.