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August 23-27, 2007

Hummingbirds in Colorado

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The Hummingbirds in Colorado photo workshop will take place at my home in Woodland Park, Colorado. Woodland Park is a mountain community located 20 miles west of Colorado Springs.

We usually have 3 species of hummingbirds and will get visits from males, females, and immatures. Additional sample images from last years photo shoot can be seen in the Gallery section of my website under the heading Hummingbirds. Pages 4-12 were images created at my house and represent the type of images you can expect to create.

For your maximum productively - these workshops are limited to only two participants and there will be two complete setups so when a hummer visits your setup you get to shoot it. No alternating photographers or taking turns like on most hummingbird shoots - you will have a dedicated setup just for your visit. You will be photographing from our patio so you will also have all the comforts of our home at your fingertips.

In addition to the hummers we get many other birds, squirrels, bears, deer, and foxes in our yard regularly. There are wildflowers and a great view of Pike's Peak available as well plus many other subjects in the area if you choose.

There will be a wide variety of fresh "hummingbird" flowers and a couple different backgrounds available so you will be able to create many different images during your visit. You will get unlimited instruction from Rick and learn exactly "how" to create the setups so you can use your own sets in other locations in the future.

All equipment needed for the setups will be provided by Rick so all you need to bring is a camera body with a working hot shoe or a PC cord adapter - either will work fine and allow you to just plug right into a set. In addition to the camera body you will need to bring a tripod, lens, storage/film, etc. The images on my website were all shot with a 400mm with a 1.4x teleconverter. A 400mm and a digital body with a 1.4 or 1.6 magnification will work just as well. If you have a Canon SLR body you can rent my lens/tripod if necessary.

Trip Itinerary - From Colorado Springs, CO

August 23rd - Arrive in Colorado Springs, CO / orientation and slide program by Rick / D.

August 24th - Dawn to dusk photography - because everything is lit by multiple flashes you can shoot all day and the lighting will look the same. / B/L/D.

August 25th - Dawn to dusk photography / B/L/D.

August 26th - Dawn to dusk photography / B/L/D.

August 27th - Depart anytime / B.

Cost - $1,250 / Deposit - $300 / Limit 2

You will be spending three days in the field with Rick as he answers your questions and shares his vision, passion, purpose and creativity with you. Ground transportation and lodging, all meals B/L/D, snacks and beverages, slide program, a variety of fresh flowers, and hummingbird set equipment - are all included.

To register, click one of the buttons below or send a check or money order with a registration form to: Rick Hobbs, P.O. Box 9059, Woodland Park, CO 80866.

Please note - Paypal charges a $50 fee for this trip so the total cost for this trip is $1,300 if using Paypal.

$ 300 Trip Deposit

$1,000 Final Payment

$1,300 Pay All At Once

General Trip Information Including Cancellation Policy

Registration / Release Form

Please contact us with any questions. Your deposit is required to hold your spot for this exciting photo opportunity.


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