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Portfolio # 4 - Icons of the Wild West - Cowboys, Horses and Cattle.

This book project contains 160 pages and a portfolio of 293 of my best Cowboy, Horses and Cattle photographs created on beautiful ranches in Montana.

There is a wide variety of activity captured in these pages including horses running in the spring, riders in a variety of habitats, more horses running, portraits and tack, horses crossing a river, riders driving cattle, cowboy and cowgirl portraits with their horses, a mare with newborn foal, riders leading horses, a rider on a bucking horse in the corral, riders silhouetted against a colorful sunrise/sunset, horses running in the fall, riders driving longhorns, cowboys at a campfire, riders crossing a river, horses running in the snow, riders driving horses, riders in a fall snow shower, riders leading pack animals, riders charging hard across a river with pulse-pounding action and then I wrap the book up with more horses running in the snow.

Most of the images were created on ranches in Montana with spectacular scenery and dramatic skies as backgrounds.

At this link www.blurb.com/books/1547593 you should be able to see every page and photograph included in this book. Please remember when reviewing the book that the photos are much smaller (compressed) than in the actual book so some images may look grainy in the preview but all images will look much better in the actual book.

This is a Large Landscape (13 x 11 inches) hardcover coffee table book. The book is commercial quality featuring 4-color printing on premium 100-pound silk finished paper with durable library binding. The laminated 4-color dust jacket includes front and back flaps and printing on the spine.

The book is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy a lot of my best work. All books purchased directly from me will be personally signed before shipping it to you.

Since this book is published on demand, and can be printed one at a time instead of doing thousands of copies at once they are more expensive, however, that is the only way it is available.

Book $145 + packaging/shipping $8 within the US.

To order a signed copy of this book please send a note and check for $153 (includes shipping) payable to: Rick Hobbs / P.O. Box 9059 / Woodland Park, CO 80866. Be sure to let me know which book you are purchasing.

Please Note: Books shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or outside the US will have an additional shipping charge - contact me for details.